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By XLN Audio

XOpak: Dusty Gold

XOpak: Dusty Gold

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Head nod-inducing lo-fi beats & samples.

  • Mix-ready, fully editable loops
  • 80+ instantly inspiring presets & 188 bespoke one-shot samples
  • A beatmaker's dream and the songwriter's best friend

What does an XOpak do?
XOpaks are editable beat & sample expansions for XO.
They contain curated beats & samples that you build your sound upon by using XO and your samples & grooves.

This expansion requires XO
XO is a beat-making plugin that makes sample browsing a creative part of the production process. The plugin allows you to organize and seamlessly explore your drum samples in a new and exciting way.

Dusty Gold by Radio Citizen in XO

Get ready to be inspired by the rich textural sonic world of "Dusty Gold", the XOpak created by Radio Citizen's creative mastermind Niko Schabel. Filled with song-defining, vintage oozing, lo-fi beats and head nod-inducing, mix-ready, fully editable loops, this XOpak will have you inspired and making music in minutes.

"Dusty Gold" provides the perfect foundations for your next track and a plethora of instantly inspiring songwriting starting points. Fueled by Schabel's patented alchemy of lo-fi, hip hop, dub, kraut, jazz, blaxploitation soundtracks, ethno-jazz, afrobeat, funk, soul, and cinematic textures, you get access to hand-picked samples that are the cream of the crop of 20+ years of crate digging and incessant vinyl collecting. "Dusty Gold" is your cheat code to vibe-packed beats and textural soundscapes on par with Massive Attack, Portishead, DJ Shadow, Tricky, the XX, Red Snapper, and Burial.

In short, a beatmaker's dream and the songwriter's new best friend.


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