Terms and Conditions

Acceptable Payments method

We accept Paypal and PayPal Credit. All prices are unit prices.


All prices in the shop are in US Dollars and may be convered to your local currency or other currency based on your PayPal funds and settings.

Refunds and Returns

All sales are final and due to the nature of transactions products cannot be returned or refunded. Once a license key, redeem code or coupon, or delivery of the download information was provided, even if not used we cannot refund under no circumstances. 

Software Delivery

All the products sold through this website is software or other digital products such as documents, audio files and samples, videos and license keys. The plugins sold are downloadable from their respecive vendor following the instructions provided when sold. 

All software products have their compatability details for your digital audio workstation, computer, operating system and 3rd party software on your computer. If such information is missing it is your responsibility to validate and verify with the respective vendors. 

Delivery Time

Most of the products in the shop are delivered instantly via email. Once the payment is confired you will recieve an email with your license key, coupon code, or download link as well as the instructions to redeem or download. 

Some products will have a 12-24 hours delivery time frame. Products with delayed delivery will be marked as such in the product page. Look for the text "Delayed delivery - Expect 12-24 hours delivery time". The delayed delivery of software, licenses or download is due to some vendors that do not provide an automated delivery system and as such licenses, downloads or coupons needs to be generated manually once a purchase is made. 

Brands and Support

The shop features products from different brands (companies) any issues and support related matters should be directed to the respective brands. We may be able to help, advice or direct you with a solution on best effort basis but strongly suggest to open a support ticket with the product vendor as soon as possible once an issue discovered. 

Upgrades and Updates

Some of the software products sold in our shop are upgrades or updates to existing products. It is your responsibility to validate and check you are eligible for the upgrade or update prior to making a purchase. There will be no refunds or returns for software products sold under these terms. When in doubt, contact the respective vendor before making a purchase.