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By Waves Audio

Waves Tune Real-Time

Waves Tune Real-Time

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A dream tool that helps vocalists stay in tune while singing, feel confident, and focus on the emotion of their performance, in the studio or live on stage.

Waves Tune Real-Time eliminates the creative disconnect that happens when you track a vocal, but can’t hear the pitch effects until mixdown. With Waves Tune Real-Time, what you hear is what you track. Good-bye, guesswork—you’ll know what your vocal will sound like when it’s time to mix. You can set Waves Tune Real-Time to be anywhere from natural and transparent, to creative and extreme. Best of all, you can concentrate on your vocal’s feel, while Waves Tune Real-Time takes care of the pitch—whether in the studio or live on stage.

Instant Gratification: Corrective or Creative

Cover a wide range of effects with just two main controls—Speed and Note Transition. These easy controls, together with the accompanying Tolerance settings, will let you determine whether you’re going for subtle, transparent, natural-sounding correction, or for hard-tuned creative effects.

Fast, Accurate Tracking for Natural Timbre and Vibrato

The tuned vocal retains its natural timbre, thanks to innovative pitch detection and correction. You can even optimize performance for the singer’s range, and choose the amount of vibrato tracking.

The Vocalist’s Safety Net

Waves Tune Real-Time is a vocal’s safety net. Designate “wrong” notes in advance so pitches won’t be corrected to them, and increase correction to compensate if the singer’s pitch is way off.

Play Your Pitch with MIDI

Play vocal notes at any pitch, with the virtual keyboard. Hook up a MIDI controller, or play back from a MIDI track. Almost all parameters have MIDI learn—go ahead, control vibrato with a synth’s mod wheel.

Select Your Scale—Or Customize Your Own

Quantize to 43 scales, drawn from traditional western and eastern musical styles. Even create your own custom scales, and choose whether “illegal” notes should play the highest or lowest scale note that’s closest.


  • Automatically tunes vocals in real time
  • Apply transparent pitch fixes, or quantize for creative “T-Pain” FX
  • Advanced formant correction to retain natural vocal sound
  • Corrects vibrato while preserving its natural feel when needed
  • Optimized for both studio and live performance
  • Perform vocals with confidence, in the studio or live
  • Ultra-low latency for instant response
  • Super-fast, easy interface that keeps you in the creative flow
  • Program or play the pitch correction via MIDI
  • SoundGrid-compatible for all Waves live sound applications

Tech Specs


OS X macOS Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, Ventura 13, Sonoma 14

CPU: Intel or Silicon Architecture

Plugins: VST-3, AU, AAX


Windows Windows 10 64 bit Windows 11

CPU: X64 compatible Intel or AMD CPU

Plugins: VST-3, AAX

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