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UJAM Virtual Pianist VIBE

UJAM Virtual Pianist VIBE

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Virtual Pianist VIBE

The Electric Legend - For modern vintage keys

Virtual Pianist VIBE

Soulful, stylish, smooth

The electric piano – royalty amongst keyboard instruments – wears the crown of cool. Often described as warm and mellow, with a smooth and vibrant tone, its unique character has been used by artists from all genres, from jazz, funk, and soul, to hip-hop, rock, and even EDM. VIBE is our take on this iconic instrument that stands the test of time. The smart way to produce realistic performances: Create amazing grooves and phrases while staying in the flow – zero piano skills required!

What’s in there?

  • Electric piano model based on recordings of a hand-picked 1972 vintage instrument
  • 45 Finisher Multi-Effect Modes and 45 Ambience FX Presets custom-tailored for VIBE
  • More than 150 Presets for instant inspiration
  • MIDI Drag & Drop (use the player with other instruments)

Master of its art

From Stevie Wonder to Jordan Rakei, entertainment greats of all eras knew how to harness the magic of electric keys. Follow into their footsteps with VIBE. Convert your idea into a great-sounding musical track easily. Great if you're an experienced player looking for inspiration. Even greater if you can’t play the piano… because now you can!

Complementing the band

VIBE is a professional session player well-versed in a range of musical styles. This virtual musician can contribute rhythmic tracks as part of a band, accompaniments for singers and instrumentalists, or simple but appealing solo passages and instrumental playbacks. Just pick and choose from 40 styles, trigger the phrases and adjust to fit. Adjustable player key range, busyness control and variations allow you to create live, living, everytime-different performances with ease.

Tine after tine

VIBE is first and foremost a perfectly produced electric piano with pristine full-bodied sound and lots of dynamics. It’s based on a legendary instrument from the 1960’s whose brand name has become synonymous with this type of sound. Its warm, mellow character has been made immortal by jazz, funk, and soul musicians, Its versatility and timeless character have made it an instrument of choice for many different genres and artists, making it an iconic and influential instrument in music.

Great listening

VIBE’s sound aesthetic perfectly complements everything from soul to EDM. There are sounds and mixes for any contemporary music style.

One finger fun

Realistic piano tracks can be hard to come by. With VIBE it’s fast and easy. Play freely in Instrument mode or let VIBE do the playing for you in Player mode.

Features at a Glance

VIBE, with its timeless cool, perfectly complements Virtual Bassist DANDY and Finisher RETRO.


Effortlessly switch between different aesthetics for any occasion. Choose a Character preset: The warm and mellow settings are amazing for jazz, funk, and soul, while the brighter bell-like attack and ‘barkier’ settings complement hip-hop, rock, and EDM. Together with the customized Finisher Modes, this creates a huge palette of perfectly engineered electric piano sounds.

Play in key

Set the key of your song for VIBE to unleash its full potential. The Player mode will play more varied and custom-tailored phrases and harmonies with a key set.

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