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Electronic Dance Staples

Synth made simple

Chords, arpeggios, risers and leads

Usynth Euphoria makes it faster than ever to create raging and lyrical EDM lead synths alike, without filtering through tons of context menus, waveforms and shaping tools that are far too complicated for you to fully use. Anything in Electronic Dance Music is fair game!

Endless sonic expressions

The UJAM App is a quick and easy way for you to install, authorize, and update all your UJAM software. Load Usynth using the latest version of the App. The UJAM App is at the heart of your sound.

What’s in there?

  • Fully customizable Sequencer
  • 2 individual layers per note
  • Custom Finisher featuring 90 presets
  • UJAM App integrated

From disco to disco

Listen to demo tracks made with Usynth Euphoria and get inspired for your next production.

Features at a glance

Usynths all-new browser adds a lot of flexibility to the browsing experience – for example, you can switch Titles as you browse, and you can preview presets of Titles that you don’t own (yet).

Global presets

While in the Browser, you can click Title icons to switch between Usynth Titles – all while your last state before entering the browser is retained. If you switch a Title and load the preset afterwards, Usynth will switch to the new Title interruption-free.

Sequence rate

Set the Sequencers note rate relative to your host’s tempo. Turning the knob up gradually steps up the rate – the in-between note resolution values are shown below the knob as you turn it.


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