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By UDi Audio

UDi Audio Chopped Noise Sample Pack

UDi Audio Chopped Noise Sample Pack

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Unleash Raw Power: Whooshes, Risers & Chopped Noise

This electrifying sample pack delivers a potent arsenal of whooshes, risers, and chopped noise - all crafted with the pure, unadulterated power of analog gear.


  • 61 Samples
  • All samples are 96khz / 24bit

Immerse yourself in:

  • Thundering whooshes: Add dynamic movement and impactful transitions to your projects.
  • Soaring risers: Build tension and anticipation, perfect for elevating your soundscapes.
  • Chopped noise: Infuse your creations with a touch of edgy energy and rhythmic chaos.

Unprocessed Authenticity:

These samples capture the raw energy and character of analog equipment, offering you a unique sonic palette untouched by digital manipulation.

Perfect for:

  • Music producers: Elevate your tracks with dynamic movement and powerful transitions.
  • Sound designers: Craft impactful sound effects for film, games, and multimedia projects.
  • Content creators: Add a touch of sonic excitement to your videos, podcasts, and presentations.
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