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By Sonuscore

Sonuscore Trinity Drums 2

Sonuscore Trinity Drums 2

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TRINITY DRUMS 2 is a powerful mix of cinematic and modern grooves housed in a versatile, cutting-edge percussive virtual instrument for the FREE KONTAKT PLAYER. The included rhythms make it easy for you to craft massive drum hits and epic subs; softer, tension-building hits; or electronic and funkadelic grooves all synced to be used in real time. All the rhythms are built from high-quality percussion recordings and sounds by the sound design specialists at BOOM Library and produced by our skilled team of composers.

TRINITY DRUMS 2 allows for seamless arrangements and manipulation of groove elements. Featuring three layers with varying complexity that can be used independently or in combination with each other, it’s suitable to rock your socks off both in your studio or on stage.

  • TRINITY DRUMS 2 comes with brand-new high value recordings of numerous huge percussion instruments and drums!
  • TRINITY DRUMS 2 offers over 200 presets and over 1,000 high-quality sounds designed by BOOM Library.
  • TRINITY DRUMS 2 is built on a three-layer design to allow for mesmerizing rhythmic complexities.
  • The TRINITY DRUMS 2 engine allows you to mix and match layers from different sound banks to create fresh and original rhythms.


TRINITY DRUMS 2 empowers you to easily sculpt dynamic percussion parts that resonate with emotion and tension. Packed with 500 new sounds from BOOM Library, it’s a versatile percussive instrument combining cinematic and modern grooves with a vast array of powerful rhythmic potential. With all this and over 100 completely new presets, be ready to create.


  • Works with the FREE KONTAKT PLAYER
  • KONTAKT Version 6.7.1 or higher
  • Mac OSX.10.14 or higher
  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • at least 4.44GB of free hard disc space

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  • 200+ Rhythmic Presets
  • 1,000+ Variations and Single Hits
  • Open Layer Exchange
  • Fully Playable Phrase Syncing
  • Multiple Time Signatures
  • Improved Preset Browser
  • Freely Switchable Color Scheme
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