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Sonnox Toolbox ListenHub

Sonnox Toolbox ListenHub

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From bedroom to pro, producers and mixers are looking for a convenient way to quickly reference commercial tracks and gain more insight into their mix.

Ensure your mix stands strong against your favourite productions using ListenHub for macOS. Use it to easily A/B against songs from any streaming source such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or your own media player.

Instantly listen to just the mid or sides, low-mids or highs and discover if your dynamics are competitive or crushed. ListenHub’s unique set of monitoring tools gives you the insights to make better mixing decisions.

Access ListenHub directly from your Mac or the free iOS and Android app for tablets and smartphones. ListenHub takes the immediacy, flexibility and tactile nature of a hardware monitor controller and marries it with the complete transparency of software routing. It can be used as a zero-latency plugin or a system-wide app hosting AU plugins on each output.

ListenHub is the audio control toolbox that places essential referencing and monitoring solutions at your fingertips.

Listening to the same thing on repeat - this is what happens to us when we lose all objectivity; we become fixated on some details and miss others altogether. The bigger picture, the mix and the music are entirely lost. ListenHub gives you the perceptual resets and consistency required, so you can hear with fresh ears again.

Perceptual reset

  • A/B your mix with your favourite songs. Hear where you’re competitive and what you need to tweak.
  • Solo different stereo channels to check mono compatibility, low-end focus and explore the stereo field.
  • Isolate frequency bands for fresh perspectives and focus on overlooked details like kick and bass relationships.
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking the loudest reference sounds the best. Remove any loudness bias by automatically matching the input level of all inputs.

Repeatable results

  • Stepped volume controls provide quick, repeatable listening levels for consistent mixing decisions.
  • Simple loudness and dynamics metering keep you grounded. Stay green to stay competitive; it’s that simple.
  • Spectral meters display the frequency content to ensure a balanced mix, reflective of your chosen reference tracks.

Get the free ListenHub app for your iOS or Android device, freeing up your screen space and unlocking the limitations of other plugins.

Enhance your workflow

  • Audio meters are often intimidating because they are contextless and show many different standards. ListenHub features easy metering tools that help you stay on track with your music. These are meant to complement your ears, not replace them!
  • Stop spending time looking for, buying, or downloading your reference tracks. Stream them from Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal or from your own local storage.
  • Take full advantage of powerful room correction and simulation software from Sonarworks, Steven Slate and others using our AU plugin hosting. Apply plugins to any of ListenHub’s outputs with your chosen settings automatically applied.
  • Now, you can have different Sonarworks profiles for different sets of speakers or headphones without having to load profiles each time.
  • Slate VSX can be used on all your system audio. You’ll soon become more familiar with your headphones, using them for mixing, streaming, and entertainment and the results will translate better than ever before.


  • Multiple simultaneous inputs to reference a variety of sources, your system audio, files imported into your DAW, and your in-process mix
  • Easily switch between multiple outputs for different sets of monitor speakers or headphones
  • Host AU plugins on any of the outputs, with any configuration
  • Band solos in conjunction with the spectral analyser to identify issues, or reference specific frequency ranges of mixes you like
  • Channel solo to check mono compatibility and stereo width
  • Stepped volume control for precise and repeatable listening levels
  • The Match Input Loudness button automatically corrects level differences between your reference tracks
  • ListenHub's Auto-mute instantly catches loud bursts protecting your ears and your speakers
  • Want to ensure a dynamic and exciting mix? We'll tell you if your mix is crushed, loud, competitive or lively
  • Use the Short-term LUFS meter to ensure a consistent level between different parts of your arrangement
  • Set your short-term loudness to the loudest part, and everything else will fall into place
  • Stop worrying about integrated loudness as each streaming service will apply loudness normalisation to your track, regardless.

User Feedback

This software is truly incredible, especially since I can run it off an iPad which allows me to get some insights that I used to do with plugins and various virtual setups in the DAW itself.

One thing that has lived on my master fader for many years is the Inflator. (ListenHub) will be another instance of Sonnox software that I will use in every session for many years to come.

Koen Heldens (XXXTentacion, Beyonce, Rihanna, J-Lo, Dr. Dre)

ListenHub fills a void that not many people realise is there.

It's become an indispensable tool; It streamlines my workflow, controls my monitor switching and automatically switches the SoundID profiles for me.

The features in ListenHub simplify the mixing process and, as an educator, I've found it accelerates the understanding of a good mix, whether you’re coming at it from a being beginner or pro.

Robbie Dwyer (Freelance Producer and Lecturer at the University of Winchester)

I can’t believe it! You finally did it! ListenHub is an absolute beauty to work with, it’s so easy to use, and there’s nothing on the market that even comes close.

Trust me when I say ListenHub is going to be a game-changer.

Tyrone 'Cross Bone T' Harris (The Anchoress, Maverick Sabre, Verb T)


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