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By Sonnox

Sonnox LIVE

Sonnox LIVE

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Sonnox LIVE is an elite bundle of high quality plug-ins specifically for use with Avid VENUE, S3L and S6L consoles.

Over the years, Sonnox plug-ins have been road-tested on the most demanding of world tours, for the likes of J-Lo, Peter Gabriel and Massive Attack, and are capable of delivering a pristine and polished performance at every show!

Take control of dynamics with a compressor, gate, and limiter all in one plug-in; create punchy drums that cut-through the mix with the TransMod plug-in; and add presence and warmth to vocals with the much loved Inflator. The smooth sounding Oxford Reverb delivers rich reverbs, and the SuprEsser DS provides the most natural sounding de-essing on the market.


The Sonnox LIVE bundle has been specially priced for Avid live console users, and only contains Windows licences.

Included Plugins

This budle includes 6 plugins:

  • TransMod
  • Dynamics
  • EQ
  • Inflator
  • Reverb
  • SuprEsser DS

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