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Sonible smart:gate CROSSGRADE

Sonible smart:gate CROSSGRADE

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Crossgrade from any Sonible software product to smart:gate

smart:gate is the answer to reliable gating. The plug-in automatically detects the presence of a chosen target source (e.g. vocals, keys, kick) and allows to focus on this source when gating. Unlike conventional gates, smart:gate does not open or close depending on the overall level of the input signal, but it only reacts to signal components belonging to the target. This content-awareness helps to make the gate much more stable and easier to parametrize than conventional gates and it even allows to use the gate, if some background signal occasionally exceeds the level of the target source.

Simple setup, powerful control

smart:gate’s visualizer traces the level of the detected target signal, not the entire input signal, making parametrization straightforward and faster. With Sonible’s ‘Instant Replay’, when you change a parameter, the visualized signal changes both forward and backward in time, predicting the impact on the entiresignal. With Level Bias, the gating behavior can follow the detected signal more or less closely–great for refining the response on transient material like drums, or keeping non-transient material like vocals more natural. You can also use smart:gate without its content-aware AI features, for operation as a conventional gate. Gating response can be customized further with the ‘Impact control’, which scales back the amount of gain reduction applied when the gate is closed. smart:gate also offers a Ducking mode to reduce the target signal instead of passing it through. A three-band suppression network helps to weight gating across the frequency spectrum.


  • Content-aware gate processing
  • Wide range of instrument and sound profiles to determine the target source
  • Familiar control over gating response: Threshold, Attack/Release, Hold, Tolerance
  • Visual guidance on target source detection for easier parametrization
  • ‘Instant replay’ prediction after parameter changes
  • With ‘No Target’, conventional, non-AI gating is still possible
  • Content-aware ducking mode to reduce selected target signal
  • Tailor gating across the frequency spectrum with three-band suppression control
  • External sidechain input; detection in mono/mid or side signals

Tech Specs


OS X 10.13+

CPU: intel and Apple Silicon native

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX


Windows 10 and up

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX

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