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Sonible pure:comp CROSSGRADE

Sonible pure:comp CROSSGRADE

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Crossgrade from any Sonible software product to pure:comp

AI-powered algorithms at your service

pure:comp simplifies the process of applying compression to any instrument or voice track. With its intelligent algorithms, unique learning-feature and input specific profiles, you can rely on pure:comp to deliver professional signal shaping without any artifacts or overcooking. With this tool in your arsenal, expect to spend much more time focusing on the creative aspects instead of tweaking interdependent compression parameters.

Create, compress, conquer!

Use pure:comp to make 808s punchy, get rid of muddiness in a kick or transform a drum track from weak to powerful in no time – shape the dynamics of your track without any hassle. The compressors’ visualization will let you know exactly how the plug-in is enhancing your input signal. You can modify the compression of the AI-powered processing by simply using the single compression parameter – this control combines all the general compression parameters such as threshold, ratio, attack and release.

Nail your sound by fine-tuning

pure:comp comes with two very effective sound-shaping options: Style and Clarity. Toggle through the clean, mixed and dirty styles to decide what kind of compression character you want to dial in. Clarity has got you covered whenever you want to increase the transparency of your track. The Clarity control dials in spectral compression, making sure that tonal imbalances are dynamically smoothened out.


  • Automatic parametrization for high-quality results
  • Intelligent processing and input-specific profiles
  • Style control, compression strength and clarity parameter

Tech Specs


OS X OSX 10.9+

CPU: Intel Core (i5), M1

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX


Windows Windows 10 (64 bit)

CPU: Intel Core (i5)

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX

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