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Premium Mastering Service

Premium Mastering Service

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Mastering - is the final stage in the process of producing a song or track.
It should be done by someone who knows how to execute the process precisely, and understands your musical genre.

UDi Audio & Nadav Katz offering priminum mastering service

With 20 years of experience as a Mastering Engineer, hosting broad knowledge and diversity in musical genres, from Electronic to Acoustic music, using top notch Analog Gear. Here are a few artists I have worked with: Loud, J.Views, Sebastian Mullaert, Perfect Stranger and many more... Nadav Katz

How does it work?

  • Leave some headroom, clear your master fader before sending
  • Send the finished mix, not the separate stems
  • You can use Google Drive or Dropbox (

How to prepare the file for mastering?

The best file format for me is a 24bit WAV export of the mix in the sample rate that you’re using in your DAW. The maximum peak level of the mix should be at -2DB and even preferably lower.

Should I send a reference?

If there is one, then you should write me the name of the artist and the name of the song or track

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