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By Reason

Reason 13

Reason 13

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Reason has everything you need to sound like you. It's a virtual Rack where you wire up instruments and effects to create the sounds you're looking for. You can use it as a plugin or a full-blown DAW with recording, sequencing, mixing, and everything else you’d expect. Fast, fluid, and fun, Reason is all about making music—however you make music.

What's New in Reason 13


  • Reason is a Plugin and a DAW.
  • Reason is the Rack and the devices.
  • Reason is the wires and the workflow.
  • Reason is your musical ideas and your final result.
  • YOUR SOUND, FASTER With an upgraded sequencer, a brand new browser, five new devices, and more sounds - Reason 13 is all about your workflow.
  • BROWSE YOUR WAY All patches, samples, and loops are now in one place—the new Browser. Find the perfect sound by filtering on anything from name and kind to categories and tags. Just type what you’re looking for and the browser will give you suggestions or use the Category and Tag buttons to filter your way to a new sound.
  • TAG, YOU’RE IT! All content in Reason is now categorized and tagged to let you explore sounds in a whole new way. That includes all soundbanks, all Reason Studios devices, and all Sound Packs. Over 20 years of sound design for you to use and abuse. Anything that isn’t already tagged by us can of course be tagged by you.
  • SEQUENCER UPGRADE The sequencer has been split into two. With the new Edit Area it’s easy to get down and dirty with the details in your music without losing your way in the arrangement. Together with several new workflow improvements, improved zooming, layout changes, and easy access to editing features—the upgraded sequencer makes it effortless to make your music sound like you.
  • IT’S GOT THE LOOK Reason 13 doesn’t just sound good, it also looks good. Together with the sequencer the entire Reason interface has been updated. It might not necessarily improve your music, but it will make it easier to find your way around.
  • NEW SOUNDS FOR YOUR SOUND Fall in love with your favorite devices again. In Reason 13 we’ve updated our sound bank library with all new patches, samples, REX loops, demo songs and song starter templates. Sometimes your own sound starts with one of our sounds.
  • If Reason was a song, the Rack would be the hook. Wire up instruments, effects, and Player MIDI effects to create the sound you're looking for. Or discover something completely new.
  • From your first beat to your next album, Reason is the music making software for capturing and exploring your ideas. Easy to get started yet deep as you want it to be, it’s everything you need to sound like you.
  • No music without sounds. Reason comes with a huge sound bank of more than 30000 patches, loops, and samples. From in style, to out of style, to back in style—Reason’s library consists of over 20 years of world-class sounds.
  • Reason comes jam-packed with a huge collection of unique synthesizers, instruments, samplers, drum machines, audio effects, and much more. Our devices have been lovingly hand-crafted in Sweden since we started in 1994. By music makers, for music makers.
  • Whether you’re a producer, music maker or music lover, we have the tools to bring your ideas to life, the freedom to explore, and the flexibility to sound like you.
  • It’s that philosophy that has led to the loyal #reasongang — musicians all around the world who are pioneers of their sound. Their songs top the charts, flood the dancefloors, and define new genres.
  • The Rack is the core of Reason. Filled to the brim with unique devices, it’s where you set up your dream studio. Just like a real hardware rack, everything is right there ready to be tweaked. Whether you just want to play a great-sounding piano or design a complex generative sound system, the Reason Rack is where the music happens.
  • Bring the Rack to your favorite DAW as a VST3, AU, or AAX plugin, or use Reason as standalone music making software. Take the best patches from Reason into Ableton Live, add a rack of instruments to Pro Tools, or expand your channel strips in Logic. However you make music, the Rack’s there for you.
  • Start with an instrument or load up a patch from the thousands included in Reason. Drag in effects to mold your sound. Add a Player MIDI effect to transform your playing or to start new ideas. Experimentation in the Rack is fun and fast—just drop in new stuff and hear what happens.
  • Scary to some and strangely irresistible to others, the back of Reason’s Rack is where you can go full modular with free routing of audio and control voltage. Control synth filters from envelope followers, pan with LFOs, or split up an audio signal for parallel processing.
  • Everything is automatically connected for you in a logical top-to-bottom flow, but you’re free to break the rules. Don’t worry if this feels confusing—you can make music in Reason without ever flipping to the back of the Rack. (But we really think you should try it.)
  • Reason comes jam-packed with a huge collection of unique synthesizers, instruments, samplers, drum machines, audio effects, and much more. Our devices have been lovingly hand-crafted in Sweden since we started in 1994. By music makers, for music makers.
  • Instruments:
  • Bass Monotone Bass Synthesizer
  • Drums Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player Kong Drum Designer Redrum Drum Computer Rytmik Drum Machine
  • Piano & Keys Radical Piano
  • Sampler Mimic Creative Sampler NN-XT Advanced Sampler NN19 Digital Sampler Grain Sample Manipulator
  • Synth Polytone Dual Layer Synthesizer Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer Malström Graintable Synthesizer Subtractor Analog Synthesizer Thor Polysonic Synthesizer
  • Other Instruments ID8 Instrument Device Klang Tuned Percussion Humana Vocal Ensemble Pangea World Instruments
  • Effects:
  • Amps Softube Bass Amp Softube Guitar Amp
  • Delay & Reverb Ripley Space Delay DDL-1 Digital Delay Line RV-7 Digital Reverb RV7000 MkII Reverb The Echo
  • Dist D-11 Foldback Distortion Pulveriser Demolition Unit Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit
  • Dynamics & Mixing Stereo Tool Audiomatic Retro Transformer Channel Dynamics COMP-01 Compressor Master Bus Compressor MClass Stereo Imager MClass Maximizer MClass Compressor
  • EQ & Filter Channel EQ ECF-42 Envelope-Controlled Filter MClass Equalizer PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ
  • Modulation Alligator Filter Gate CF-101 Chorus/Flanger PH-90 Phaser Quartet Chorus Ensemble Sweeper Modulation Effect Synchronous Effect Modulator UN-16 Unison
  • Pitch & Vocoder BV512 Digital Vocoder Neptune Pitch Adjuster
  • Player Midi Effects:
  • Chords Scales & Chords
  • Drums Beat Map
  • Sequencers & Note FX Dual Arpeggio Note Echo
  • Utilities:
  • Combinator Line Mixer 6:2 Matrix Pattern Sequencer Mixer 14:2 Pulsar Dual LFO RPG-8 Monophonic Arpeggiator Spider Audio Merger & Splitter Spider CV Merger & Splitter Sidechain Tool Gain Tool


Tech Specs


  • OS X 10.13
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Disk: 20 GB
  • Windows 10
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Disk: 20 GB
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