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PSP BinAmp

PSP BinAmp

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PSP BinAmp is a Class A* triode** preamp emulation. The specific preamp's implementation is based on that of the legendary Binson Echorec 2 delay.

The Echorec 2 (in Italian, Echorec 2º meaning “the second Echorec”) was one of a line of famous magnetic drum delays designed and built by Binson Amplificatori Hi-Fi S. p. A. since the 1950s. The Echorec 2 was released in 1960, and is considered by many to be the best-sounding in the line. It had unprecedented quality compared to the tape delays of the era, with a warm and musical sound due to the distinctive character of its Class A triode tube design.

Although the Echorec 2 was incredible for many reasons, the inspiration for PSP BinAmp came from the ingenious design and wonderful sound of its preamplifier. This easy-to-use plug-in provides rich, easily controllable saturation that sounds great on everything from drums and vocals to electric pianos, synthesizers, and drum loops.

Added features include high pass filtering and high-frequency rolloff, a –20 dB pad with output gain compensation, polarity switching at input and output, blend control for saturated/unsaturated signals, and a unique Variation setting that adjusts the individual behavior of multiple instances of the plug-in across your DAW session.

Simple to use and wonderful to hear, PSP BinAmp gives your tracks a little (or a lot) of that rich Binson tone.

  • * Class A audio path: a circuit in which all components process both the positive and negative voltage swings of the signal. This kind of design results in an asymmetric nonlinearities and a buildup of even-order harmonics in the output signal. Although Class A is not the most efficient means of amplification, it is definitely one of the most desirable when the character of the sound is considered a higher priority than transparent gain.
  • ** Triode: an amplification vacuum tube (thermionic valve) with three electrodes in the tube. It was the first and simplest amplification component of the tube era.


PSP BinAmp can be used on individual tracks or whenever its strong vintage character is required:

  • kick, snare and other drum tracks
  • vocals
  • drum loops
  • electromechanical keyboards e.g. Rhodes, Clavinet...
  • electronic keyboards and synthesizers – especially digital ones
  • reamplified guitar and bass guitar tracks
  • ...or any other track that would benefit from the added character of the old-school sound!


  • High-quality signal processing algorithms
  • Internal quad sampling (up to 192 kHz) for great sound even at low sample rates
  • High Pass filter
  • Preamp Character control
  • High frequency Rolloff control
  • Drive level control ±20 dB
  • Output level control up to ±20 dB
  • Adjustable Variation between channels and instances of the plug-in
  • Input PAD –20 dB for processing high level signals
  • Separate input and output Polarization buttons
  • Drive or Output level indication
  • Parameter filtering for smooth and click-free parameter adjustment
  • Support for sample rates up to 384 kHz
  • Only 13 samples of latency, regardless of sample rate

Tech Specs


  • OS X macOS 10.10 – macOS 12.01 Monterey
  • CPU: Intel or Apple Silicon
  • Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX


  • Windows Windows 7 – Windows 11
  • Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX
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