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Bandoneon consists of a philological reproduction of an historic Alfred Arnold Bandoneon made in Germany in the 50s!
His typical sound is based on 2 reeds (Zinc) for each note.
PSound Bandoneon has been sampled in 4 layers with 2 round robin for a total of 440 samples (1 GB storage)


• Alfred Arnold historic Instrument
• 440 Samples
• >1 GB Storage
• 96 kHz Sample rate
• 24 bit resolution
• All sample are perfectly looped
• 4 velocity layers
• 2 Round robin per layer
• key-on and key-off noises
• Adjustable volume for reeds and noise
• right hand and left hand presets
• Powered by UVI Engine XT™
• Requires UVI Workstation v2.5.6 or later
• provides UVI Workstation for free!
• UVI Falcon full Compatibility!
• Playable by Motu Machfive too (requires v3.2.1)
• PACE protection system (free iLok account required)

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