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By Prominy

Prominy V-METAL

Prominy V-METAL

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Prominy V-METAL
V-METAL enables you to compose and create very realistic Metal guitar tracks that imitate real guitar playing!

“First of all I have to say that Prominy V-METAL and SR5 Bass rock! There is nothing else out there with this level of sophistication. The interface is easy to use and I was composing within 5 minutes after installing it.”
– Eddie Wohl
producer / composer / keyboard player / mixer / engineer (Anthrax, Fuel, Ill Nino, Smile Empty Soul, Dry Kill Logic, Jesse Malin, etc.)

“Truly impressive, and would surely get a cheery thumbs-up from the Grim Reaper himself”
– Sound On Sound Magazine


  • Incredible real-time playability - V-METAL SPM (Super Performance Multi)
  • Fretboard Monitor
  • Cricket
  • Feedback
  • Real Chords
  • Double-Tracking
  • Auto Stroke Detection
  • Assignable Key Switch
  • Low note samples included
  • Realtime Legato Slide
  • Direct signal from the guitar
  • Picking noises and various noises
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