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By Modartt

Pianoteq Steingraeber E-272 GP

Pianoteq Steingraeber E-272 GP

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Instrument packs can contain one or several instruments. A licence of Pianoteq is required to use them. These instrument packs cannot be loaded in the trial version.

Since 1852, Steingraeber & Söhne have been making innovative hand-crafted pianos of the finest quality, played worldwide by an array of distinguished artists and in the most-renowned concert halls.

This is the first physical model of the E-272 Concert Grand Piano, praised by many pianists as being one of the most distinctive and outstanding instruments on the market today.

Steingraeber is the only manufacturer to have reduced the surface of the treble soundboard and to have restored its ‘classical relationship’ to short treble strings. Thus, Steingraeber strings have 27% less wood weight to set in motion. Even when softer intonation is called for, the player is rewarded with an immediate, singing resonance.

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