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By Sonnox

Sonnox Oxford DeNoiser (Native)

Sonnox Oxford DeNoiser (Native)

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Surgical, real-time noise removal plugin

The DeNoiser plugin with its integrated de-hisser delivers surgical broadband noise reduction in real time.

The process is based on a continual analysis of the input signal in order to build a noise profile. Alternatively use Freeze Mode to sample a section of audio containing just target noise. Simply define the threshold below which noise is removed and use the Reduction slider to taste.

We understand the delicate balance between removing noise and retaining the character of your original recording, so have added a Warmth control to return some richness and added a DIFF function to audition only the removed noise.

  • Separate DeHiss, Detect & Remove Sections for intuitive use
  • High resolution display of input signal & its noise profile
  • Frequency Bias Curve to fine-tune noise threshold & reduction
  • Mid-Side mode to de-noise only side content
  • Warmth control for sweetening after noise removal
  • Make-up gain for true A/B comparisons


aax native audio unit vst 3 mac os windows ilok cloud ilok usb


This plug-in offers 2 activations for each product license you own. All licences must be kept on the same iLok account, and each activation will allow you to authorise your Plug-In using either of the following methods:

iLok USB Device. iLok 2 / iLok 3 required for latest drivers

iLok Cloud. Internet access required

For information on these choices please see:

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