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By Sonnox

Sonnox Oxford DeClicker (Native)

Sonnox Oxford DeClicker (Native)

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Accurately and transparently remove pops, clicks and crackle

The Oxford DeClicker is designed with three distinct sections dedicated to eliminating pops, clicks, and crackle from your sound. Each section comes equipped with threshold and sensitivity controls, allowing you to specify the quantity of events to be detected and removed. The Events Graph, a distinctive feature, displays the level and duration of each pop, click, and crackle in three separate color-coded groups as they are detected.

Sometimes there will be events detected that represent audio we want to keep rather than remove. So we built the Exclude Box to further refine the number of repaired events, and also Dialogue Mode for independent control over speech in programme.

  • Three dedicated sections: DePop, DeClick and DeCrackle
  • Graphic feedback of the energy/duration of detected events
  • Excitation displays to help accurately set thresholds
  • Exclude Box to select events that shouldn’t be repaired
  • Dialogue Mode: Independent settings when speech is detected
  • Three audition modes:
    • Listen only to removed events
    • Full processed signal
    • Dialogue Mode side-chain


aax native audio unit vst 3 mac os windows ilok cloud ilok usb


This plug-in offers 2 activations for each product license you own. All licences must be kept on the same iLok account, and each activation will allow you to authorise your Plug-In using either of the following methods:

iLok USB Device. iLok 2 / iLok 3 required for latest drivers

iLok Cloud. Internet access required

For information on these choices please see:

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