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By Modalics

Modalics Time Oddity Chorus

Modalics Time Oddity Chorus

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Whether it’s bringing life to a guitar track or adding immersion & movement to a synth pad - Time Oddity Chorus transforms the ordinary into a panoramic soundscape, ensuring every instrument resonates with depth and character.


The 'Color' knob stands as TOC's centerpiece, encapsulating a spectrum of tones from gentle whispers to wild waves in a single, intuitive control. This carefuly crafted feature effortlessly shapes the chorus effect's character.

Surrounding the color knob are 4 waveform types, each with it's own character and movement type, the combination between these selections and the color knob creates endless variation that is easily explorable.


"The 'Voices' control is a key feature of TOC, adding layers of depth and dimension. From singular, focused modulation to a lush chorus ensemble, this feature unlocks a diverse range of auditory textures


Warp Mode takes TOC's modulation depth to a whole new level, this little toggle opens up the door to wild and imaginative sound design, perfect for lo-fi detuned guitars or tape like flutters.


TOC's Filters section might seem straight forward, but it holds carefuly tuned filters with suprisingly musical flavors.

The "Damp" knob is a complex filter of our own design, meant to warm up the processed signal and smooth out any artefacts so TOC sits perfectly in the mix with any instrument.



  • We've merged the intuitive workflow of our favorite pedals and devices with the unmatched flexibility of plugins to deliver a refined sonic palette that seamlessly enhances any track.
  • Offers four LFO options for diverse modulation effects, from gentle flows to dynamic waves.
  • Dynamic Voices Control adjusts audio duplication and modulation for everything from focused detuning to expansive soundscapes.
  • Advanced visualizer provides clear modulation insights, enhancing creative adjustments.

Tech Specs


  • OS X
  • Plugins: VST-3, AU, AAX


  • Windows
  • Plugins: VST-3, AAX
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