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By Martinic

Martinic AX73 Sample Library

Martinic AX73 Sample Library

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An extensively multi-sampled Kontakt instrument with 32 high-end presets from the vast collection of over 1000 presets available in the AX73 Collections. It includes presets from sound designers Mark Gijsman, Simone C, Sonic Freaks, Saif Sameer, Summa, SB-SIX, Theo Niessink, JACK, Daniel Stawczyk, Heat Audio, Nori Ubukata, Lukas Lundh, Allert Aalders and Solidtrax.

The AX73 Sample Library instrument isn't just a faithful recreation of the Martinic AX73 plugin. We've also added eight post-synth effect units that mimic the FX chain in the Martinic AX73, giving you even more versatility and flexibility in your sound design.

Designed for Kontakt 6.5.3+ Full retail version (Not for Kontakt Player)

32 Powerful Kontakt .nki instrument presets made for the full retail Kontakt 6.5.3+
Eight ‘external’ (post synth) effect units mimicking the FX chain in the Martinic AX73
116 MIDI note range
24 bit / 48 kHz samples
7192 stereo samples using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression
20.1 GB Installed

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