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Fog Convolver 2

Fog Convolver 2

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True Stereo Convolution
Fog Convolver 2 is a true stereo convolution reverb/processor plugin. This new version has been rewritten and redesigned from scratch, and now features modulation, effects, an impulse response generator, and a lot of improvements.

You can now load 2 separate impulse responses (or one true stereo/quad channel impulse response) and have separate or linked controls for both. There are 5 different routing modes to arrange the impulses: single, serial, parallel, parallel mix, and true stereo.
Each impulse can have 2 LFOs, with 10 waveforms and 18 destinations, one dedicated multi-mode filter (with pre, IR, or post modes), and a 5-band graphic EQ.

Fog Convolver features 8 factory banks with more than 660 impulse responses made from spaces, analog and digital equipment, organic sources, and more.

Fog Convolver 2, Creative Convolution Reverb Plugin

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