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By Cinematic Alpha

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina

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Drawing inspiration from the evocative soundscapes of acclaimed composers such as Hans Zimmer and David Arnold, this library is tailored for cinematic projects and video game sound design.

Offering ethereal strings, immersive soundscapes, and vibrant plucks, Deus Ex Machina provides composers with a versatile toolkit to elevate their compositions.

In this product, you'll discover electric guitar-like sounds reminiscent of the stratocaster, introducing a fresh experimental tone to the plucks category with the assistance of the arpeggiator.

With its granular yet lifelike sounds, Deus Ex Machina delivers a unique sonic experience that encapsulates the spirit of AI-driven innovation.Ideal tool for crafting music tailored for video games and 3D cartoons, blending a melancholic yet uplifting atmosphere seamlessly.

12 GB on disk (NCW)
Textures (DOVinst® Slow Pads/Soundscapes, Plucks & Bonus)
120 Sound sources: Slowpads/Soundscapes + Plucks
176 Combinations
Energize Engine™
2 Individual Groups
2 Individual Oscillators
2 Filter Envelopes
70 Multis
7199 NCW files
1-3 Levels of velocity
Sound Destroyer by Energize Engine™
16 GB RAM recommended
Kontakt Full license 6+ (Not compatible with Kontakt Player)

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