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Sonible pure:verb CROSSGRADE

Sonible pure:verb CROSSGRADE

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Crossgrade from any Sonible software product to pure:verb

  • Automatic parametrization for high-quality results
  • Intelligent processing and input-specific profiles
  • Synthetic control, reverb size parameter and 3 reverb modes

Elevate your tracks with space and depth

Intelligent profiles instead of standard presets

Reverb effects that match input characteristics

pure:verb is equipped with a unique learning feature and input-specific profiles which ensure that every reverb computed by the plug-in matches the spectral and temporal characteristics of your input signal. With this reverb plug-in you won’t have to battle with all the technically tricky parts that come along with working on reverb effects. Select a profile and hit the button – pure:verb automatically takes care of boomy low-ends, muddy mids and harsh high-ends.

Your sound, your call

Discover space and evoke emotions

Grab pure:verb if you want to stay in your creative flow while adding space and depth in post-production. Whether you are going for a mix with a warm and personal touch starring soft vocals, solo instruments or want an immersive and dense reverb effect for orchestral sounds or synth pads, simply by controlling the size of the virtual reverb space you can highlight any vibe.

Synthetic, mode and mix

Creative options that pack a punch

pure:verb offers powerful fine-tuning options that will inspire you to create really extraordinary sounds. By increasing the Synthetic value, you can transform a natural-sounding environment reverb to one that’s out of this world. pure:verb also offers three reverb modes to help boost your creativity up a notch: Infinite, Reverse and Bounce.

pure:verb is an AI-powered reverb plug-in that helps you create reverb effects that are an impeccable fit for any input signal

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