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Reason Complex-1

Reason Complex-1

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Complex-1 is a modular synthesizer from Reason Studios, bringing the quirks, freedom and sonic depth of modular synthesis to your Reason Rack. Boasting a 4x oversampled synthesis engine, a freely routable signal and modulation path and a sound like nothing else, Complex-1 is a synth lover’s dream machine.


  • The modules in Complex-1 bring a mix of modular synth ideologies to the Reason Rack. The Complex Oscillator, Low Pass Gates and Shaper modules, build on the works on Don Buchla (or West Coast style) and the regular Oscillator and ladder design Filter module, derive more from the Bob Moog school of synth design. Combine them anyway you like and craft your very own unique synth sounds.
  • If you’re a seasoned modular synth enthusiast, you can dive right in. If this kind synth is new to you, it can look a bit daunting, but it’s actually surprisingly easy to get going. Load up any of the included patches to get you going, and start your sonic exploration there. Nothing can break, and if things go weird (like, in a bad way), there’s the undo button to your rescue.
  • Most people associate modular synths with lab coats and glitchy noise soundscapes, but if all you want is a beefy bass - let Complex-1 surprise you. Its modular madness aside, it’s also a really awesome-sounding synthesizer, capable of perfectly playable instrument sounds and yes, beefy basses too.
  • Features
  • Fully-featured modular synthesizer
  • Complex Oscillator
  • Analog Oscillator
  • Noise Generator
  • Wave Shaper
  • Comb Delay
  • Ladder-style filter
  • 2x Low pass gates
  • LFO
  • 3x mix modules
  • Lag module
  • 3x Scale & Amp modules
  • ADSR envelope
  • Output mixer
  • Built-in sequencer with note quantizer
  • Function module
  • Reverb/Echo module
  • Oscilloscope module
  • Connects CV or audio to the rest of the Reason Rack
  • Comes with over 200 expertly crafted patches to get you going
  • Please note that Complex-1 Modular Synthesizer requires Reason 10.1 or later
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