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By Cherry Audio

Cherry Audio CR-78 Drum Machine

Cherry Audio CR-78 Drum Machine

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Cherry Audio's CR-78 accurately recreates the punchy analog sounds and 34 onboard preset rhythms of the first true classic drum machine and takes it much further. We've done away with the complex beat programming, replaced it with a familiar X0X-style button-per-step interface, and added an easy-to-use song mode for pattern chaining. Unlike sample-based emulations, Cherry Audio's CR-78 uses modeled synthesis to recreate the classic tones of the original and makes a quantum leap forward by making these sounds fully editable. Four studio-quality effects are provided, with a uniquely fast and fun "send button" for each individual tone in the effects and mixer section, which also includes a complete mixer, compressor, and a six-band graphic EQ.

In 1978, following the success of their AceTone electronic rhythm products, Roland introduced a not-so-little box that made a massive impact. Coming from a legacy of preset-based devices intended to sit atop an organ, the CompuRhythm CR-78 was entirely new: the first programmable, microprocessor-controlled, analog beatbox. With its colorful buttons for pattern presets, distinctive analog tones, and basic pattern programming, the CR-78 was the first drum machine as we know it. Pro musicians such as Blondie, Ultravox, Phil Collins and Genesis, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Roxy Music, The Cars, Hall and Oates, and many others immediately embraced and immortalized this revolutionary gear.


  • All 34 factory preset rhythms and “variation/fill-in” patterns included
  • Simple shift-click action to combine two factory presets
  • Over 250 additional rhythm and sound presets, including special categories that go far beyond the classic CR-78 tones and patterns:
  • All original sounds exactingly modeled — no samples used
  • Voice Edit panel for mild or extreme sound editing
  • Familiar X0X-style 16- or 24-step pattern programming
  • Super flexible pattern and instrument copy and paste capabilities
  • Swing percentage setting
  • Real-time step entering via Trigger button
  • Unlike original, all sounds independently addressable in user pattern mode
  • Easy to use Song Mode with up to 99 patterns and 99 steps per song
  • External MIDI sound triggering with velocity sensitivity and user-assignable note mapping
  • Effects/Mixer panel with studio-quality effects for overdrive, flanger, delay, and gated reverb that can be individually applied to each kit instrument through an innovative “one-button mixer send”
  • Mixer with independent level, pan, and solo/mute for each instrument
  • The Effects/Mixer panel also includes a wild and characterful master compressor and six-band graphic EQ
  • Drag-export function allows simple mouse-drag conversion of patterns to DAW MIDI tracks (plug-in version) or Standard MIDI Files on the desktop (standalone version)
  • Separate out plug-in version for independent processing of each instrument in a DAW
  • Super accurate DAW sync
  • User-adjustable oversampling control
  • Complete MIDI control and DAW automation for all controls, with easy-to-use MIDI learn and mapping (Preset and Global)
  • Cherry Audio’s popular Focus zoom-in feature, as well as standard UI zoom and resize via drag
  • Complete documentation available directly online from the instrument or in downloadable PDF format
  • CR-78 is available in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats.

Tech Specs


OS X 1(macOS 10.13 or above. 64-bit required. Native Apple M1 or greater processor support, including Ultra.)

Memory: 8 GB

Disk: 1 GB

CPU: 3.4 GHz Quad-Core or M1 CPU



Windows 1(Windows 7 or above (including Windows 11))

Memory: 8 GB

Disk: 1 GB

CPU: 3.4 GHz Quad-Core


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