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By UDi Audio

Audio Restoration Service

Audio Restoration Service

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Don't let imperfections ruin your audio!

We can breathe new life into your recordings using advanced audio restoration techniques. Our skilled technicians and top-of-the-line tools can address a wide range of audio issues:

  • Eliminate background noise: Banish distracting hums, traffic noise, or air conditioner buzz from your recordings.
  • Silence the hiss: Get rid of that persistent hiss that can plague older recordings or recordings made in less-than-ideal environments.
  • Remove clicks and pops: Say goodbye to those annoying clicks and pops caused by vinyl scratches, dust on recordings, or microphone issues.
  • Minimize mouth noise: Reduce unwanted lip smacks and breaths for a cleaner, more professional sound.
  • Tame guitar buzz or amp hum: Eliminate electrical noise that can muddy your guitar recordings.
  • Control reverb and room sound: Reduce excessive echo or room ambience for a more focused and controlled sound.

Please note:

  • The level of restoration possible depends on the quality of the original audio. Severely damaged recordings may not be fully recoverable.
  • We strive for optimal results, but achievements may vary depending on the specific recording.

Let us help you restore your audio to its former glory!

How does it work?

  1. Send us your audio via dropbox, google drive, wetransfer or other file sharing service. You can send a message via the contact form
    Describe what the issues you would like to fix
  2. We will review the audio and let you know if the audio can be restored or fix and will send you a sample.
  3. After you pay it will take us around 48hr to return the fixed audio.
  4. The price is for audio length of up to 45 minutes
  5. Price may change depending on the source material and amount of work. In this case we will let you know in advanced and before you pay
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