Upright Bass Showdown: Ample Sound, UJAM, EastWest, and Native Instruments

The upright bass, with its warm tones and versatile playing styles, is a cornerstone of many genres. But lugging around a double bass isn't always practical. Thankfully, virtual instrument (VI) plugins offer a solution, bringing high-quality upright bass sounds to your fingertips. Today, we'll compare four popular contenders: Ample Sound Bass Upright, UJAM Mellow, EastWest Goliath, and Native Instruments Session Bassist Upright Bass.

1. Ample Sound Bass Upright:

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This heavyweight contender boasts a massive sound library with a wide range of articulations, from pizzicato and arco to slaps and harmonics. Ample Sound offers exceptional playability with features like string noise emulation and adjustable picking positions. However, the detailed interface might have a steeper learning curve for beginners.

2. UJAM Mellow:

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Known for its user-friendly approach, UJAM Mellow focuses on essential upright bass sounds. It delivers a warm, vintage tone perfect for pop, soul, and folk. Mellow's strength lies in its intuitive interface and inspiring presets, making it ideal for musicians who prioritize ease of use.

3. EastWest Goliath:

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Goliath is a powerhouse VI from EastWest, known for its expansive orchestral libraries. It features a wide variety of upright basses, from solo instruments to complex ensembles. Goliath excels in capturing the richness and detail of orchestral bass sections, but its size and complexity might be overwhelming for some producers.

4. Native Instruments Session Bassist Upright Bass:

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Part of the Session Series by Native Instruments, this VI offers a solid selection of upright bass articulations and a playable interface. Session Bassist shines in its ability to adapt to different musical styles with its genre-specific presets. However, the tonal range might feel limited compared to some competitors.

Choosing Your Upright Bass VI:

  • Focus on Playability: Ample Sound (advanced users) vs. UJAM Mellow (beginners)
  • Prioritize Tone: EastWest Goliath (orchestral) vs Native Instruments (versatile)
  • Need a Lightweight Option: UJAM Mellow vs. EastWest Goliath

Ultimately, the best VI depends on your musical needs and preferences. Consider trying out demos to find the one that speaks to your creative vision!

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